Introducing LaQuanda

Music: If You Need Me by Aremuorin

LaQuanda is a fictional character created for humanitarianism, social change and inclusion. Brought to you by the creators of MercyfulGrace.

LaQuanda performing #IfYouNeedMe

Thanks for the recognition award from #WomenMakeChange

Thanks for the recognition award from #WomenMakeChange

Jesus was a friend of sinners. Jesus reached out to sinners routinely and Mary Magdalene was no exception.

Jesus appeared to her first, on his resurrection, before his disciples. They even envied their bond, as some scriptures recorded.

God is a good God of love & second chances. I feel we need more love in our lives today to make the world a much better place for all of us to create less divisions.

We all have our reasons to resent one another, but through the love of God; in the legacy and teachings of Christ we can conquer all our fears cohesively.

A social inclusion interesting take from #Jesus on #Condemnation & #Sin ..’



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